Featured image of post dbachecks v3 at Data Saturday Oslo

dbachecks v3 at Data Saturday Oslo

dbachecks v3 at Data Saturday Oslo


On Saturday September 2nd 2023, will be Data Saturday Oslo in Oslo, Norway.

For more information about this free Saturday event, visit the official event page at DataSaturday0035 where you can sign up. Don’t wait, spaces are limited!

I will be presenting a session with Jess Pomfret Blog Mastodon and Cláudio Silva Blog Twitter introducing dbachecks v3.


dbachecks v1 was released back in 2018, bringing together the DBA PowerShell magic of dbatools with pester, a PowerShell testing framework to create a powerful infrastructure validation tool.

dbachecks is able to answer questions such as:

  • can I connect to all of my instances?
  • was my last full backup with 7 days
  • are my databases owned by the expected login
  • am I using ‘page verify’ to detect corruption
  • are any of my certificates nearing expiration
  • and many more…

v2 introduced the ability to store these results in a database and create a time series chart showing changes over time.

But now, we introduce v3!

dbachecks v3 takes advantage of Pester v5 - a total rewrite of the tool enabled us to not only increase the performance of the module but position it to be able to grow and expand in a controlled and predictable way in the future.

In this session, we’ll talk about the changes we’ve made to the module, demo the new features and prove the massive performance increase using Profiler.

Come and join us as we share the biggest release yet of the dbachecks module and learn how you can utilise it in your environments.

For more information about the free Saturday event, visit the official event page at DataSaturday0035. Don’t wait, spaces are limited!

You can also join Jess and I on Friday 1st September 2023 for a power-packed day of learning, networking, and enhancing your DBA skills.

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